What makes us different?

This may sound like an odd thing to have in the beginning of our ‘About us’ portion of the website, but it is very important.  We’ve already described what our foundational beliefs are, and they may seem a bit scant but that is one thing that makes us different.  It has already been said that this God of love is Inclusive.  What does that mean to us?  For us it means that God loves everyone the same.  This inclusive love sheds light on the “Us VRS Them” mentality that is prevalent in our world and it raises questions such as ‘Does God love some more or less than others?  Did Jesus demonstrate inclusive love?  These questions and more are addressed regularly.  This makes us different.

Some ask; “what do you believe about the Bible?”  Now this is a big one.  This also makes us different because we don’t believe that everything in the Bible is meant to be interpreted literally.  There are many parables, there is much allegory, and there is a lot of ancient peoples interpreting their life’s experience and attribute it to God.  When we interpret everything in the Bible as literal and absolute truth we run into trouble.  Our method of interpreting the Bible is found in Jesus.  Jesus is the true living Word of God.  Jesus and Jesus alone demonstrates what the true nature and character of God is really like.  Jesus is the filter through which we interpret the Bible.  Therefore, anything in the Bible that doesn’t reflect this Jesus we can put it on the back burner until we have better insight.

We love the Bible!  It is our book! It is our sacred text!  We believe inspiration motivated the writers but that is not the same as ‘everything they wrote is perfect, infallible and inerrant.’  Man is fallible even when inspired by God.  The only perfect Word of God is Jesus.

There is more to be said on this but let’s just say this approach to the Bible makes us different.

The last point that makes us different is best described in a question; Does God operate out of an ‘economy of exchange?’  This too is very important.  An economy of exchange is simply illustrated with a purchase at a store.  You purchase an item worth ten dollars.  You give the store clerk ten dollars and the item is yours. This translates into our view of God more often than we realize.  Does God operate out of an economy of exchange?  The Bible supports a yes answer to that question and a ‘no’ answer to that question.  Without going into all the specifics here, suffice it to say that we answer this question with the NO God does not operate out of an economy of exchange.  Everything if freely given to everyone.  This makes us different.

We invite you to join us as we wrestle with these things and much more.  Following this Jesus is an adventure like no other!

Come join the conversation Sundays at 10 am.  Hwy 70 E. Arbor Vitae.  715-358-6205

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